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Optical Building Blocks Corporation

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Optical Building Blocks Corporation (OBB) designs, produces and markets state-of-the-art, proprietary electro-optical components and instrumentation used in leading research institutions around the world. Today OBB offers three main product groups of equipment; Interconnectable "Optical Building Blocks", Microscope Accessories, and Bench-Top Instruments.

At Optical Building Blocks we pride ourselves on the technical content of our extensive web page. Our goal is to provide all the information our customers and distributors could possibly need so that they can fully understand the capabilities, specifications and configurations of our components and instruments. And this on-line content is continuously updated with new information, to better achieve that goal.

You shouldn’t have to be forced to talk to a sales person just to learn about a product you are interested in. Please visit us at www.obbcorp.com to see what’s new at Optical Building Blocks and get the latest product information.

Quattro Spectrofluorometer
Quattro Spectrofluorometer
Optical Building Blocks Corporation

Bench-top high speed 3D spectrofluorometer and phosphorimeter. The Quattro fluorimeter is significantly more sensitive than any other bench-top fluorescence...

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