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HTA s.r.l.

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HTA is one of the leading Italian scientific instrument engineering and manufacturing companies. We are currently focused on applications and solutions for analytical, life sciences and clinical chemistry automation.

Our specialisation is in robotic systems for sample management; among our most popular products are the GC and HPLC autosamplers and preparative workstations. In addition, HTA offers engineering and manufacturing consultancy services for its OEM customers.

HTA’s quality management system is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

HT2000H Headspace Autosampler
HT2000H Headspace Autosampler
HTA s.r.l.

The HT2000H Headspace autosampler is made to meet the needs of static headspace injection for GC analysis. Features:- Fits all GCs and GC/MSs- Near to zero...

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