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Gentech Scientific Supplier Page Gentech Scientific Supplier Page

GenTech Scientific, Inc.

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Why buy new when you don’t have to! Our refurbished analytical instruments have been expertly restored to OEM standards. GenTech’s knowledgeable technicians can perform installation, repairs, training and method development. Our large inventory is constantly changing with new shipment coming in daily. GenTech has the turn-key solution for all your laboratory needs.

Try Before you Buy! Test our equipment with hassle free purchasing, lease, or rental options to fit your specific needs.

• Value Added Reseller
• Repair
• Warranty
• Installation
• Full Service
• Fast Turn Around
• White Glove Delivery
• Competitive Rates and Flexible Payment plans
• Remote Diagnostics, Troubleshooting and Training

GenTech Scientific is well known throughout the analytical instrumentation community for its excellent service, repair and support. Since 1996, GenTech's reputation continuously expands our community to include customers' colleagues and referrals.

Thermo Scientific LTQ ORBITRAP Velos
Thermo Scientific LTQ ORBITRAP Velos
GenTech Scientific, Inc.

The Thermo Scientific LTQ ORBITRAP Velos combines the proven mass accuracy and ultra-high resolution of the ORBITRAP mass analyzer, with the increased...

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