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Wasatch Photonics

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Wasatch Photonics manufactures high quality, high efficient volume phase gratings (VPHG's) and Pulse Compression gratings in Logan, UT.

At our Systems Division in Durham North Carolina, we use these unique gratings to design and manufacture high resolution spectroscopy systems and devices.

We prdouce state of the Raman systems, NIR, UV-Vis, Florescence and Optical Coherence Tomography spectrometers and systems and hyperspectral imaging devices. Stock, custom and OEM.

Stroker 785L Raman Spectrometer with Laser
Stroker 785L Raman Spectrometer with Laser
Wasatch Photonics

Getting all the photonics - Big Box Performance in small package. The Stroker 785L combines our Stroker ƒ/1.3 Spectrometer with our free space VPG...

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