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Enhanced Spectrometry Inc.

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Enhanced Spectrometry Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative portable Raman and luminescent spectrometry solutions and specialized software for advanced substances control, quality inspection and real-time testing.

One of the latest company’s solutions is Raman-luminescent Microscope RamMics due to its high sensitivity (resolution: 5-6 cm-1, spectral range: 140-4000cm-1) together with high resolution of obtaining spectral images can be integrated into the most cutting-edge researches on gemstones, semiconductors, composites, nanotechnologies etc. For those who already have a microscope and want to turn it into a Raman-luminescent tool the company designed a complex solution Micro Kit. For the assembled instrument a special edition of R532 and a 1,3 Mp CCD camera (5 optionally) is used.

Enhanced Spectrometry also presents PHMG concentration measurement complex EnSpectr Water. This tool measures very low concentrations of PHMG, alternative and harmless solution for drinking and waste water disinfection.

EnSpectr Water is the first Raman instrument in the world, that monitors and maintains the concentration of chemical in water on a predetermined level with the accuracy of <10% across the range 10-8 (0,01 ppm) – 10-5 (10 ppm).

EnSpectr R532 Raman & Luminescent Analyzer
EnSpectr R532 Raman & Luminescent Analyzer
Enhanced Spectrometry Inc.

EnSpectr R532® is a unique instrument that combines the advantage of a portable probe system with the performance of a highly specified laboratory...

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