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GLEN MILLS INC. markets a line of laboratory and small-scale production equipment for use in various industries (food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, metallurgy, paint/pigment, chemicals, etc.) The equipment lines are divided into the following sectors:

• BLENDING of powders is performed in the TURBULA® Shaker-Mixer and dyna®-MIX. In addition to the precision mixing of drugs, powder metals, powder coatings, diamonds, and other critical systems, the TURBULA and dyna-MIX also feature interchangeable mixing vessel design to prevent cross-contamination.

• DRY MILLING of just about any material from rocks to proteins. The line of equipment includes scores of mills and their variations that are able to comminute materials from fist size down to submicron size.

• WET MILLING of suspended solids or emulsions by ultrasound, by homogenization, and by bead milling. Used for chemicals, pigments, biologicals, and just about any type of suspension where submicron particles and stable dispersions are needed.

• SAMPLE DIVIDING to provide exact sub-samples of master batches for analytical analysis. SIFTERS and SIEVE SCREENS for accurate size cuts.

• GRINDING BEADS/BALLS of glass, ceramic, metal, and tungsten carbide for use in ball mills or agitated mills. Sizes range from several inches to several microns in diameter.

• LARGE SCALE CELL and TISSUE CULTURE BIOREACTOR SYSTEM allowing sterile perfusion growth for over eleven months cell concentrations of 10^10 can be achieved. For adherent cells various SPONCERAM® scaffolds are offered. Most any configurations to 5,000 ml can be accepted.

TURBULA® Shaker Mixer - Precision powder blender with change-can design
TURBULA® Shaker Mixer - Precision powder blender with change-can design

Mix the impossible to perfectionBlending extremely heavy powders with very light onesMixing very small quantities of powders into larger volumesGently...

DYNO®-MILL for wet milling to produce nanoparticles
DYNO®-MILL for wet milling to produce nanoparticles

The DYNO®-MILL offers unmatched versatility in the comminution of suspended solidsModels are available from 0.15 liters up to 600 litersMaterials of...

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