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Arena International

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A Methodical Approach

Thorough research is key to the success of our events. We constantly monitor all business areas to identify conference subjects which represent ‘need-to-know’ topics for the decision-makers and experts working in them. We then methodically interview a large target group of professionals for each event to ensure that our programmes identify the critical themes and topics that these professionals need to gain practical insights and intelligence on.

We Only Source the Best Speakers
We take great care in ensuring that our speakers are prominent experts drawn from the leading and most innovative companies working in their field. These speakers are carefully selected and briefed to provide new, case-study based information about their real experiences and insights on the issues that matter to you, rather than providing theory, sales pitches or presentations that ‘make-the-rounds’ at other events.

Top Quality Venues
Arena International events are staged in top quality venues in London, mainland Europe and the USA, consistently attracting international audiences of senior level, decision making delegates. They typically run for two days, often include additional workshops and all have cocktail receptions, making them a valuable opportunity for networking as well as gaining practical, usable information that you can take away and immediately implement in your workplace.

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