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Freedom EVO® LCMS Sample Preparation Workstation - WATCH VIDEO
Tecan Trading AG

Tecan offers a wide range of laboratory automation solutions for mass spectrometry (MS) sample preparation, ensuring there is a system to meet your workflow and throughput needs. From solid phase extraction and liquid-liquid extraction to protein precipitation and straightforward ‘dilute and shoot’ methods, Tecan provides seamless automation of routine sample preparation applications, helping to alleviate major bottlenecks for many laboratories. From the...
HP D300 Digital Dispenser - VIDEO
Tecan Trading AG

Eliminate serial dilution from  your drug discovery workflow by directly dispensing small molecules in DMSO directly into your bioassay plate.  By dispensing picoliter to microliter volumes, the HP D300 Digitial Dispenser will save time, compound and also enable previously difficult experiments types, such as in vitro drug combination studies to be executed with ease. 
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