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ZYMIT Low-Foam Enzyme Cleaner

Cat no: Z-9701-12

Supplier: International Products Corporation
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Zymit® Low-foam is a liquid dual-enzyme and detergent formula for removal of protein- and starch-based soils. Zymit Low-foam is used to clean diagnostic and surgical instruments, labware, photographic film equipment, hospital and daycare furnishings, and many other surfaces. Target soils include food, grass, blood, fat, sweat, mucous, tissue, feces and sebum.

Wash methods
* CIP (clean in place)
* Manual and Immersion Washing
* High-agitation
* Machine/Pressure Washing
* Ultrasonic

Typical pH: (neat) 6.9 to 8.4

Shelf Life: 2 Years
Catalogue number: Z-9701-12

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