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The focus of your business is to provide your customers with the products and/or services that you are best suited to supply. WinLIMS is a full-featured laboratory information management system that can help you deliver superior quality and service by managing the fl ow of samples through your laboratory. WinLIMS provides a data warehouse of information that will make your organization more efficient, productive and responsive to your customers. Now, with WinLIMS Cloud Edition you can concentrate even more on your business and off-load the management of LIMS IT hardware and software to experts who provide 24/7 access to your laboratory’s data.

WinLIMS Cloud Edition is a secure, remotely-hosted version of the world class WinLIMS software that’s currently in use by more than 800 companies throughout the world. WinLIMS Cloud Edition provides a fl exible multi-tiered approach to the outsourcing of LIMS that allows you to choose and fine tune a systemthat best fits your organization’s technical needs, as well as your budget.

There are several tiers of LIMS Cloud Computing you can select with WinLIMS Cloud Edition:

WinLIMS Cloud Edition – Level 1 (Shared Server hardware using a Virtual Server) is designed for smaller companies or organizations with less rigorous requirements that prefer to use a Virtual Server environment whereby a segment of a physical server is exclusively partitioned for use by their organization.

WinLIMS Cloud Edition – Level 2 (Dedicated Server, with pricing based on the server specifi cations) is for larger organizations with more rigorous lab requirements, or companies with internal policies that prohibit the sharing of hardware with other organizations.

Basic System Administration with both hardware options includes daily backup of the WinLIMS software components and underlying database. The customer retains responsibility for managing the application to apply updates and optimize the underlying database according to the terms described within the WinLIMS Cloud Edition support contract.

The Remote System Administration Option should be purchased if you prefer to have the QSI technical support team apply all software and database updates and patches as they become available. Additionally, QSI will optimize the database and maintain three confi gurations for you:

• Production System
• Development System
• Training System

QSI will also handle the restoring of databases should the need arise.

Since the amount of time and effort required to manage and support a LIMS system varies from one organization to the next, or in-house expertise may be limited by knowledge and/or time constraints, QSI offers the WinLIMS Administration/Help Desk Service Pack.

Most organizations will designate a person to be the LIMS administrator. This person is typically assigned the responsibility of creating the underlying data infrastructure which may include any or all of the following tasks:

• System Confi guration and Screen Design
• Report Design
• Management of Data Records (Test Methods, Product Specifi cations, etc.)
• Creation of Instrument Interfaces
• Creation of Interfaces to External Systems (ERP, Process Control, etc.)
• End User and/or System Administrator Training
• Site-specifi c Documentation

With the WinLIMS Administration/Help Desk Service Pack, QSI’s technical support team will manage these administrative tasks for you. This flexible, value-priced 10 day consultation support package is available to use as you like. You can purchase as many service packs as you require to ensure that WinLIMS experts are there when you need them.

WinLIMS Cloud Edition: Access your LIMS data from anywhere, at anytime.

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