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Tracetraq : 2D barcoded Storage tube

Supplier: Ziath Ltd
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Ziath’s range of TraceTraq™ high density tubes are designed to optimise storage of biological samples at temperatures as low as -196°C. All tubes feature a permanent, laser etched 2D barcode at the base of the tube, which when combined with Ziath’s DataPaq™ scanner and software options, provides a fast & efficient solution for managing and tracking your precious samples.

Each tube has a unique code and coordinates within a rack, which when decoded with the scanner guarantees that every sample is assigned a unique identity and location. Each rack has a linear barcode and human readable code lasered onto the side. For automation orientation recognition there is a matching 2D barcode lasered onto the base of the rack. With a compression ring moulded into the screw cap, TraceTraq™ caps feature outstanding leak resistance. The tubes are available in 0.75ml or 1.4ml volumes.
Additional info: TraceTraq™ tubes are manufactured using virgin medical grade polypropylene under ISO 8 clean room conditions and available sterile with gamma radiation.  ETO treatment is also an option.  Products are certified free from DNA, RNA, DNAse, RNAse and endotoxins.

They are suitable for use between –196°C and 200°C.
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