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TouchTools™ – customizable touchscreen control for Freedom EVO® workstations

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Tecan’s TouchTools touchscreen user interface makes programming and operating Freedom EVO workstations easier than ever before. It offers a fully customizable user interface, providing greater programming flexibility and a user-friendly environment for operators.

The new generation of TouchTools echoes the latest consumer touchscreen devices, providing an intuitive interface that makes experimental set-up quick and easy. With customizable wizards – such as Instant Pipetting and Nucleic Acid Purification – to simplify workflows and visually guide the operator through set-up procedures, it reduces the training requirements for new operators.

TouchTools offers benefits at every step of your laboratory workflow, from set-up to reporting, including:

Individual user interfaces – bailor the graphical interface to specific assays or operations, embedding critical pre-run checks and SOPs into the program.

Assisted daily maintenance – use on-screen prompts to ensure routine maintenance is performed at the required intervals, with easy-to-follow instructions to guide the operator.

Straightforward assay set-up – built-in applications wizards and on-screen instructions accelerate and simplify assay set-up, eliminating the need for paper-based SOPs.

Walkaway operation – real-time monitoring and on-screen status updates offer complete peace of mind, with the option of remote monitoring using Tecan’s Common Notification System and Freedom EVO Remote.

Automatic data handling – Develop your own output file formats and create customized reports to help avoid transcription errors and meet regulatory requirements.

Together, these tools help to ensure smooth day-to-day operation of your Freedom EVO workstations, enhancing overall system productivity with fewer operator errors and increased traceability.

To find out more about Tecan’s TouchTools, visit www.tecan.com/touchtools

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