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TC-PLUS Server

Cat no: FTCPLUS/384

Supplier: Bibby Scientific
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TC-PLUS Advanced gradient thermal cycler (384-well)

TC-Plus Thermal Cyclers
The TC-PLUS thermal cyclers have all the latest features from a colour touchscreen to fast ramp rates along with some innovative additions such as an automatic, non-motorised heated lid, TERS®, thermal energy recovery system and a unique space-saving, stackable design. The TC-PLUS and Satellite units can be combined to form any multi-block format with the Satellites being controllable from either a PC or the TC-PLUS.

Key Features

• Colour touchscreen for fast program setup.

• TERS® Thermal Energy Recovery System to reduce energy consumption.

• Unique mechanical drawer mechanism which provides the correct pressure for domed & flat caps, heat & adhesive seals

• Space-saving, stackable design to save on bench space!

• Satellite option which can be controlled by either the TC-PLUS or a PC using Techne Workbench software.

• Fast ramp rate up to 5°C/sec.

• Three gradient block options; 96 x 0.2ml, 60 x 0.5ml and 384-well.

• Tm calculator, which uses the Nearest Neighbour algorithm.

• Backed by Techne's 4 year warranty.

Catalogue number: FTCPLUS/384
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