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Stuart Hotplate stirrer multiposition

Cat no: SB162-3

Supplier: Bibby Scientific
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Hotplate stirrer multiposition

Three independently controlled stirring/heating positions
Separate "Hot" warning lights for each plate
Powerful magnets for strong magnetic coupling

A space saving and economical unit with 3 independent heating/stirring positions in a footprint only 600 x 270mm. Easily accommodates 3 x 2 litre beakers.

Unit only requires one power point and is ideal for quality control applications where multiple samples require simultaneous heating and stirring, under the same conditions.

A "Hot" warning light for each plate will flash whenever its temperature is above 50°C and will operate even when the hotplate is turned off and connected to the mains. The top plates are a robust aluminium/ silicon alloy, providing even plate temperature. Powerful magnets and motor give stirring speed up to 1500rpm and volumes up to 15 litres.*
Supplied complete with 3 x 25mm PTFE coated stir bars.

Catalogue number: SB162-3
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