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Sirius L Single Tube Luminometer

Sirius L Single Tube Luminometer

Cat no: 110 401 10

Supplier: Titertek-Berthold (Berthold Detection Systems GmbH)
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The Sirius L is a fully computer operated single tube luminometer of highest sensitivity. It is upgradeable with up to 2 injectors. Interchangeable sample adapters allow injection into different sample formats. The sample is loaded into a retractable drawer.

The luminometer is equipped with a door close sensor to initiate automatic measurement start after complete closing of the drawer as well as a sample presence detector to prevent injection into an empty measurement chamber.

Applications: Single and Dual Reporter Gene Assays, ROS Assays, ATP Assays, DNA Probe Assays, Ca++ Measurements (recommended: Sirius with injector), Toxicity Assays, Mycoplasma cell culture contamination.

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Catalogue number: 110 401 10
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