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SampleNavigator Biobanking LIMS Software

SampleNavigator Biobanking LIMS Software

Supplier: SampleNavigator
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SampleNavigator is the Software Solution every Biobank needs for composing and feeding a repository Biobank.

It manages and controls sample preparation and the collection of samples upon entering and exiting. It is also able to reorganize, integrate and link existing Biobanks in both physical and registered sample data.

It is the ideal tool for optimizing Biobanks and fits in a Corporate Social Responsible way of Biobanking. SampleNavigator Software will automatically register, check and validate the processes and data and report its findings to the responsible person.

SampleNavigator makes medical records recoverable throughout the entire Sample lifecycle without neglect of the donor anonymity. Based on this medical history a pick list can be generated which is very applicable in disease studies.

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