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RNeasy Plus Universal Mini Kit (50)

Cat no: 73404

Supplier: Qiagen
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RNeasy Plus Universal Kits. For purification of total RNA from all types of tissue using gDNA Eliminator Solution. Kit contents: Qiagen RNeasy Plus Universal Mini Kit, 50 preps, 50 to 250mg Sample, 150L Elution Volume, Mini Format, QIAzol/Spin Column Technology, Ideal for Northern, Dot and Slot Blotting, End-point RT-PCR, Quantitative, Real-time RT-PCR, Array Analysis, Next-generation Sequencing, For Purification of Total RNA using gDNA Eliminator Solution, Includes RNeasy Mini Spin Columns, gDNA Eliminator Solution, Collection Tubes, RNase-free Water and Buffers. Benefits: One-for-all tissue solution. Time-saving integration of RNeasy and QIAzol technologies. Fast non-enzymatic removal of genomic DNA. Pure RNA for use in downstream applications
Catalogue number: 73404
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