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REPLI-g Single Cell Kit (24)

Cat no: 150343

Supplier: Qiagen
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REPLI-g Single Cell Kit. For highly uniform whole genome amplification (WGA) from single cells or limited sample material. Kit contents: Qiagen REPLI-g Single Cell Kit, 24 WGA rxns, 2 to 1000 Cells Input Amount, 15 min. Hands-on Time, 8 to 16 hr. Reaction Time, 40g/rxns Yields, MDA Technology, Tube Format, For Highly Uniform Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) from Single Cells or Limited Sample, Includes REPLI-g sc Polymerase, Buffers and Reagents. Benefits: WGA from single cell material with complete genome coverage. Unbiased amplification of genomic loci due to MDA technology. Optimized for use with new technologies, including NGS. Consistent yields of up to 40 micro g (average product length >10 kb). Novel tool for cancer research, stem cell research, or metagenomics
Catalogue number: 150343
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