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REPLI-g Cell WGA & WTA Kit (12)

Cat no: 150052

Supplier: Qiagen
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The REPLI-g Cell WGA & WTAKit uniquely enables uniformwhole genome amplification (WGA) and whole transcriptome amplification (WTA)in parallel reactions, allowing direct correlation of the genome with the transcriptome fromvery small samples (25–1000 cells). Dedicated buffers and reagents undergo a unique, controlled decontamination procedure to block amplification of contaminating nucleic acids by the REPLI-g method.

The innovative lysis buffer effectively stabilizes cellular nucleic acids, ensuring accurate representation of both genomic DNA and RNA levels. Unbiased amplification of genomic DNA and total RNA or mRNA (poly A+) is achieved using innovative Multiple Displacement Amplification (MDA) technology and thenovel REPLI-g SensiPhi DNA Polymerase. In contrast to PCR-based amplification technologies, high fidelity rates are increased up to 1000-fold, avoiding costly false positive or negative results.
Catalogue number: 150052
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