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QIAprep 96 Turbo Miniprep Kit (24)

Cat no: 27193

Supplier: Qiagen
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QIAprep 96 Turbo Kits. For purification of up to 20 micro g molecular biology grade plasmid DNA per well. Kit contents: Qiagen QIAprep 96 Turbo Miniprep Kit, 24 x 96 preps, 1 to 10mL Culture Volume, Molecular Biology Grade Plasmid DNA Purification, Silica Technology, Manual Processing, 48 to 96 Samples/Run, <20g Yield, For Purification of Up to 20g Molecular Biology Grade Plasmid DNA/Well, Ideal for Fluorescent and Radioactive Sequencing, Cloning Application, Includes TurboFilter 96 and QIAprep 96 Plates, Flat-bottom Blocks and Lids, Reagents, Buffers, 1.2mL Collection Microtubes, Caps. Benefits: Streamlined purification. Ready-to-use plasmid DNA within�70 minutes. Reproducible yields of molecular biology grade plasmid DNA
Catalogue number: 27193
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