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QIAGEN Plasmid Plus Midi Kit (100)

Cat no: 12945

Supplier: Qiagen
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QIAGEN Plasmid Plus Kits. For the fastest, most convenient purification of up to 10 mg transfection-grade plasmid DNA. Kit contents: Qiagen Plasmid Plus Midi Kit, 100 preps, 25 to 50mL Culture Volume, Transfection-grade Plasmid or Cosmid DNA Purification, Advanced Silica Technology, Manual Processing, 20 min. Time/Run, Up to 1mg Yield, For the Fastest, Most Convenient Purification of up to 250micro g Transfection-grade Plasmid DNA, Ideal Transfection of most Cell Lines, Cloning, Enzymatic Restriction, Includes 100 Qiagen Plasmid Plus Midi Columns, Extender Tubes, Reagents, Buffers, 100 QIAfilter Midi Cartridges. Benefits: Rapid purification of up to 24 samples . Fast vacuum-based parallel processing . Low elution volumes for highly concentrated DNA . Very low endotoxin levels (<1 EU/micro g) due to dedicated wash buffer
Catalogue number: 12945
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