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QIAGEN Multiplex PCR Kit (1000)

Cat no: 206145

Supplier: Qiagen
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QIAGEN Multiplex PCR Kit. For highly specific and sensitive multiplex PCR without optimization requirements. Kit contents: Qiagen Multiplex PCR Kit, 1000 x 50L rxns, Genomic DNA and cDNA Sample, PCR Amplification Reaction, 5' -> 3' Exonuclease Enzyme Activity, Easy-to-use and Cost-effective, For Highly Specific and Sensitive Multiplex PCR Without Optimization Requirements, Includes 2x Qiagen Multiplex PCR Master Mix (Providing a Final Concentration of 3mM MgCl2, 1 x 25mL), 5x Q-Solution (1 x 10mL), RNase-free Water (1 x 20mL). Benefits: No optimization required. High specificity and sensitivity with a built-in hot start. Highly suited for many types of multiplex PCR applications. Easy to use and cost-effective
Catalogue number: 206145
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