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QIAamp UCP Pathogen Mini Kit

Cat no: 50214

Supplier: Qiagen
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QIAamp UCP Pathogen Mini Kit. For microbial DNA purification from whole blood, swabs, cultures, and body fluids. Kit contents: Qiagen UCP Pathogen Mini Kit, For Microbial DNA Purification from Whole Blood, Swabs, Cultures, Body Fluids, Culture Efficient Mechanical Disruption of Cells using Pathogen Lysis Tubes, Includes 50 QIAamp UCP Mini Columns, 2mL Collection Tubes, 20mL Tube Extenders, Elution Tubes, VacConnectors, Buffers and Proteinase K. Benefits: Purification of pathogen DNA from small volumes. Efficient mechanical disruption of cells using Pathogen Lysis Tubes . Pretreatment and simplified purification vacuum and spin protocols. Ultraclean production (UCP) reagents and consumables. Highly suitable for deep sequencing
Catalogue number: 50214
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