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QIAamp DSP Circulating NA Kit

Cat no: 61504

Supplier: Qiagen
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QIAamp DSP Circulating NA Kit. For concentration and purification of free-circulating DNA, RNA, and miRNA from human samples. Kit contents: Qiagen QIAamp DSP Circulating NA Kit, 50 preps, For Concentration and Purification of Free-circulating DNA, RNA and miRNA from Human Samples, Includes QIAamp Mini Columns, Column Extenders, VacConnectors, Qiagen Proteinase K, Reagents, Buffers and Collection Tubes. Benefits: Concentrated nucleic acids. high input, low elution volumes. Efficient recovery of fragmented DNA, RNA, and miRNA. No organic extraction or ethanol precipitation. Removal of contaminants and inhibitors
Catalogue number: 61504
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