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QIAamp DNA Blood Midi Kit (100)

Cat no: 51185

Supplier: Qiagen
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QIAamp DNA Blood Midi Kit. For purification of up to 60 micro g genomic, mitochondrial, or viral DNA from blood and related body fluids. Kit contents: Qiagen QIAamp DNA Blood Midi Kit, 100 preps, 0.3 to 2mL Sample, 100 to 400L Elution Volume, Whole Blood, Body Fluids Sample, Silica Technology, Manual Processing, Spin Column Format, 20 to 60g Yield, Ideal for PCR, Southern Blotting, For Purification of Genomic, Mitochondrial or Viral DNA from Blood and Related Body Fluids, Includes 100 QIAamp Midi Spin Columns, Qiagen Protease, Buffers, 15mL Collection Tubes. Benefits: Rapid purification of high-quality, ready-to-use DNA. No organic extraction or alcohol precipitation. Consistent, high yields. Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors
Catalogue number: 51185
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