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Q-Adept HPLC Systems

Q-Adept HPLC Systems

Supplier: Cecil Instruments Limited
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The Adept HPLC range has now been expanded to include Q-Adept systems, a quaternary low pressure mixing pump and a binary low pressure mixing pump. These space saving, compact and modular systems, add even more versatility to HPLC, and provide for enormous cost savings.

Because the systems are modular, different detectors may be accommodated depending on analytical requirements. These detectors include variable wavelength UV/Visible, WaveQuest UV/Visible, electrochemical, refractive index, conductivity and fluorescence. Each detector is of the highest industry specification and is renowned for its Ultra-Low Drift.

The use of biocompatible options brings a streamlined approach to denaturing DNA, semi-preparative proteomics HPLC etc.

Comprehensive, versatile, intuitive and easy to use PowerStream software provides for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

Adept and Q-Adept HPLC systems have been designed with the user in mind. Systems are easy and fast to install. They are virtually plug and play.

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