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PyroMark MTHFR (96)

Cat no: 972432

Supplier: Qiagen
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PyroMark Q24 Tests. For analyzing sequence variation or methylation of specific genes using the PyroMark Q24 Instrument. Kit contents: For detection of variants in the MTHFR gene (2 x 96 reactions on PyroMark Q96 MD, 1 x 96 reactions on PyroMark Q96 ID, 8 x 24 reactions on PyroMark Q24). Benefits: Detection and quantification of different mutations in a single run. Flexible software for post-run analysis of adjacent mutations. Quantification of individual or multiple CpG sites in different genes. Estimation of global CpG methylation in defined regions of interest. Sequence context provides built-in control of the assay
Catalogue number: 972432
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