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PolyFect Transfection Reagent (100 ml)

Cat no: 301108

Supplier: Qiagen
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PolyFect Transfection Reagent. For fast and easy DNA transfection of standard cell lines. Kit contents: Qiagen PolyFect Transfection Reagent, 100mL, For 2500 to 6500 Transfections in 60mm Dishes or 5000 to 10, 000 Transfections in 6-well Plates, Suited for Efficient Transfection of Standard Cell Lines in Studies on Gene Expression and Function, Drug Discovery and Development Studies, Optimized Protocols for COS-7, NIH/3T3, HeLa 293 and CHO Cells, Transfection in the Presence of Serum, Activated Dendrimers Technology, High Cell Viability, Low Cytotoxicity. Benefits: Optimized transfection using cell-specific protocols. Fast procedure and easy handling. High cell viability, low cytotoxicity
Catalogue number: 301108
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