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PCE-VE 700

Supplier: PCE Instruments UK Ltd
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The industrial LED inspection camera PCE-VE 700 is a modern visualization system which can be used for a wide variety of applications, e. g. in research and development or for testing precision components made of steel, aluminium or plastics in industrial production processes. Such components frequently need to be tested in the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as in energy and power stations.

The device makes quality assurance much easier. Complex parts with many drill-holes, such as injection mold parts, hydraulic and pneumatic components, etc. can be inspected much more quickly and accurately. The probes which can be ordered separately, depending on your application, are easy to change and thus allow quick switching from applications with small working diameters to applications where the diameter is larger.

The high-quality images make the inspection results clear and reliable. The standard package includes the inspection camera and the control unit, as well as a carrying case and the user manual. It also includes the MediaWorkStation, which is a demo version for image and video recording and archiving.

Please note that this instrument is not suitable for medical applications.
Size: 169 x 62 x 247mm
Weight: 1.2 kg
P type: Inspection camera
Research area: Visualisation

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