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PCE-TC 32 Thermal Imager

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A building thermography camera is an indispensable measuring instrument used in the diagnosis of leaks in times of increasing energy costs. Such a building thermography camera is therefore regarded as an important diagnostic tool by energy consultants. On the front side of the building thermography camera is a lamp and a laser. The laser helps you to view the measurement surface to be tested. The lamp is used to create a clear, true image in a dark environment. A bright white LED serves as a light source.

The building thermography camera allows almost continual use over nine hours. This period of use is made possible by the fact that the building thermography camera is supplied with two rechargeable batteries each with a running time of 4.5 hours. A long-term observation is also possible. This can be supported by a tripod by placing the protective caps of plastic and rubber on the building thermography camera. On the underside is a thread, which allows the mounting of such a tripod. This is recommended if a certain area is to be monitored over a long period by the thermography camera. The records are stored on a MicroSD card. In particular the display functions of the building thermography camera are extensive.

The camera can display the images as a real image, infrared image, picture-in-picture or thermal combination. In addition to this, it is possible to switch between different colour pallets in the infrared mode. These include the colour palettes iron, rainbow, gray, gray-inverted, sepia, blue-red, hot-cold and moisture. In this way, different diagnoses can be made during building monitoring. Thermal bridges are easy to find through the use of the building thermography camera. Thus the waste of energy can be pre-determined. The increased heating costs can thus also be minimised. It is also possible that thermal bridges lead to the formation of condensation water, which can lead to mould damage.

The protective cap made of rubber offers not only increased grip but also protection of the device. In addition, there is a small sun protection on the upper side of the display, so that a possible exposure to the sun does not affect the readability of the display. The menu can be operated directly via the touch-LCD. In this way, various settings of the building thermography camera can be performed. The lamp installed at the front can also be switched on via the menu. In this way, the camera can also be used in a dark environment. Also, the settings for the picture can be done by a simple operation of the LCD.

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Weight: 920 g
Research area: temperature
Additional info: building monitoring, energy, industrial sector

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