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PCE-MB Series Moisture Balance

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Additionally to its ordinary weighing function, the PCE-MB series moisture balances can determine the moisture as well as the dry content of 0 to 100 % in small samples such as sugar, salt, other food, granulates, pellets, plastic, fibres, liquids and sludge. The samples are dried by means of quartz halogen heaters (2 x 200 Watts) and the scales record the changes in weight during the drying process. Drying can be carried out automatically, semi-automatically or manually. They have a weighing range of up to 50 (PCE-MB 50), 100 (PCE-MB 100) or 200 g (PCE-MB 200), with a resolution of 0.01 % or 0.001 g.

The moisture balance has an external calibration function (optional weights of 100 / 200 g required) and displays date and time as well as bar graphs. It has a dual LC display with backlight. The following languages can be selected: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish. 160 drying sequences can be saved to the memory. A sampling rate between 2 min and 9 h 59 min can be set, in steps of 1 s. The case is made of die cast aluminium and IP54 protection is provided.

The integrated bi-directional RS-232 interface enables the user to transfer the moisture measurement data to a computer. To do this, the optional software is necessary which includes various drying programmes and calculates different moisture and dry content parameters.

The moisture analyser comes with a mains adaptor, 10 aluminium sample pans and an instruction manual. A calibration certificate is optionally available.
Size: 235 x 245 x 260 mm
Weight: 8 kg
P type: moisture balance
Research area: moisture
Additional info: laboratories, industrial sector, agriculture, research and development, quality control

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