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PCE-IR 1000 Series Infrared Thermometer

Supplier: PCE Instruments UK Ltd
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PCE-IR 1000 series thermometers can measure high temperatures of up to +1800 °C quickly and precisely and have an optical resolution of 120:1 (PCE-IR 1300) and 300:1 (PCE-IR 1600 and PCE-IR 1800) to measure temperatures of very small objects. All models have a telescopic lens.

The emissivity can be adjusted from 0.100 to 1.000, in line with the material of the measured surface. The infrared thermometer has a MIN and MAX function, a scan function, as well as a HOLD function and high and low alarm.

Up to 2000 readings can be saved to the internal memory and then be transferred to a PC or laptop for further analysis. The infrared thermometer is equipped with a USB interface.

The PCE-IR 1000 series thermometers come with a data cable, a software, a rechargeable Ni-MH battery, a battery charger, an instruction manual and a carrying case.

Optionally, an ISO calibration certificate and a tripod are available. Any standard tripod can be used.

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Size: 264 x 203,5 x 60 mm
Weight: 1000 g
P type: infrared thermometer
Research area: temperature
Additional info: laboratories, industrial sector, production, maintenance, research and development

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