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PCE-FB (K) Series Force Gauge

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Our PCE-FB series force gauges are available with an internal (PCE-FB series) or an external dynamometric cell with a 3 m cable (PCE-FB K series). They can be used to determine tensile as well as compressive force in real time.

Depending on the model, they have a measurement range of between 50 N and 150,000 N (5 kg and 15,000 kg). With an accuracy of 0.1 %, the PCE-FB series is highly competitive. The sampling rate can be set to either 10 or 40 Hz.

The results are easily readable from the graphical display with backlight. Menu navigation is possible in English, German or Spanish.

The meter has a peak function to show the maximum and minimum values, as well as a threshold function, and a calibration display and gives the user the possibility to carry out a statistical graphical analysis. Calibration can be carried out using external weights.

The device can be powered by batteries or by means of the mains adaptor which you can find in the carrying case with the other accessories.

Data can be stored manually or automatically to the internal memory or a mini SD card and transferred to a computer via the RS-232 or USB interface which are both included. Evaluation of the data can then be carried out by means of the included software. The force gauge also comes with five different adaptors, a 90 mm connecting bar, a mains adaptor and a carrying case.

An ISO calibration certificate and a test stand are optionally available.
Size: hand-held device 215 x 100 x 40 mm (K series: + external dynamometric cell)
Weight: without batteries: 430 g (K series: 350 g + external dynamometric cell)
P type: force gauge
Research area: force
Additional info: laboratories, industrial sector, workshops

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