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PCE-007 Air Flow Meter

Supplier: PCE Instruments UK Ltd
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The cost-efficient and user-friendly PCE-007 air flow meter measures the wind speed, the air flow and the temperature. Various units of measurement can be selected.

Up to 2000 readings can be stored to the device’s internal memory and then transferred to a computer by means of the RS-232 interface for further analysis. The software necessary to do so is included in the standard delivery.

The PCE-007 air flow meter has a MIN / MAX function as well as a HOLD function and automatically powers off after a certain time of inactivity. The battery life is approx. 50 hours with a current of 300 mA/h.

The air flow meter comes with an impeller and a cable with a length 1.5 m, as well as an interface, a software, a battery, a carrying bag and an instruction manual.

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Weight: 350 g
P type: air flow meter
Research area: wind / air
Additional info: laboratories, HVAC, professional and private use, research and development

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