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Paraffin Section Mounting Bath

Cat no: MH8516

Supplier: Bibby Scientific
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The Paraffin Section Mounting Bath is designed to assist with the handling of paraffin wax samples in histology and pathology laboratories. It is essentially a hot distilled water floating out bath that allows for the meticulous manipulation and location of paraffin wax sections onto glass slides. In the event of having any damaged sections or an excess of wax, both may be easily removed by skimming a filter paper across the water surface.

A white neon light indicates "Power On" and an amber neon light indicates "Heater On". The required temperature is selected using the heater dial and a nominal temperature of 70°C is typically achieved with 2 litres of water within 120 minutes.

Accurate water temperature is then maintained through an energy regulator which supplies power to a silicone rubber mat in controlled timed pulses. Over-heating of the bath is prevented by a thermal fuse within the heater mat which automatically cuts out at too high a temperature.

The Paraffin Section Mounting Bath has a PTFE black interior and powder-coated aluminium exterior, which makes it virtually maintenance-free and extremely easy to clean. It comes supplied with an IEC moulded cord and lead set and the IEC socket houses protection fuses for both the live and neutral power supply lines.

If required, the lid is supplied separately as part number AZ9241.

Key Features

• PTFE black interior and powder-coated white aluminium exterior
• Virtually maintenance-free and extremely easy to clean
• Excess or damaged sections may be simply removed by skimming a filter paper over the water surface
• 70°C nominal temperature for 2 litres water, attained within 120 minutes

Warranty: One year parts and labour

Certification: CE

Catalogue number: MH8516
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