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P-80 THIX IFC Temporary Assembly Lubricant Gel

Cat no: P-0423-04

Supplier: International Products Corporation
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P-80® THIX Temporary Assembly Lubricant Gel for Incidental Food Contact (IFC) is a biodegradable assembly aide that eases installation of tight-fitting rubber and plastic parts by reducing the force needed for insertion. Once assembly is complete, P-80 THIX IFC dries and the part returns to its original condition. P-80 THIX IFC thins out under pressure so it can be used in automated systems or applied manually by dip, brush, or spray techniques. P-80 THIX IFC is especially useful in overhead and vertical assembly operations because it remains where it is applied without dripping.

P-80 THIX IFC Temporary Assembly Lubricant is used to install pump seals, hoses, o-rings, bushings, gaskets, grommets, grips, and many other rubber and plastic parts.

Use P-80 THIX IFC in incidental food contact applications when a thick coating of lubricant is needed, when it is important that the lubricant stay where it is applied, and/or when a prolonged drying time is desired.

P-80 THIX IFC meets FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 and is NSF-registered as an H1 lubricant.
Typical viscosity: 10,000 cps at 25° C.
Catalogue number: P-0423-04

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