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Orion II High Sensitivity Microplate Luminometer

Orion II High Sensitivity Microplate Luminometer

Cat no: 113 000 10

Supplier: Titertek-Berthold (Berthold Detection Systems GmbH)
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The Orion II is the top instrument for luminescence detection. It combines highest performance with configuration flexibility and easy maintenance.

The luminometer is designed to provide easy access to the injection system and detector assembly. Several interchangeable detector configurations are available. The Orion II can be easily upgraded with additional injectors.

The PC software allows the user to create virtually any measurement protocol. The built-in shaking mode and optional temperature control can be used for additional optimization of measurement protocols. The luminometer’s plate carrier is designed for compatibility with microplate handling devices. The PC software can easily be interfaced with robotic systems.

Applications: Reactive oxygen species assays, Reporter Gene Assays (Single and Dual Reading e.g. Dual Luciferase® Reporter Assay), ATP Assays, Cell proliferation, Cytotoxicity and Apoptosis assays, Luminescent Immunoassays (LIA and ILMA), Enzyme Assays (ATP or NAD(P)H), Nucleic Acid Probe Assays, Aequorin-based Ca++ Assays, Kinase Assays, Receptor Assays, Environmental Toxicity and Mutagenicity Assays.

Catalogue number: 113 000 10
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