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Omniscript RT Kit (200)

Cat no: 205113

Supplier: Qiagen
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Omniscript RT Kit. For reverse transcription of 50 ng to 2 micro g RNA per reaction for end-point PCR. Kit contents: Qiagen Omniscript RT Kit, 200 rxns, RNA Template Sample, Reverse Transcription Enzyme Activity, High cDNA Yields Due to High-affinity Enzyme, Fast and Easy Procedure, For Reverse Transcription of 50ng to 2micro g RNA/Reaction for End-point PCR, Includes 800U Omniscript Reverse Transcriptase, 4 x 150L 10x Buffer RT, 4 x 100L dNTP Mix (Contains 5mM Each dNTP), 4 x 1.1mL RNase-free Water. Benefits: High cDNA yields due to high-affinity enzyme. Sensitive detection of as few as 10 copies of template. No additional RNase H digestion step required. Fast and easy procedure with no tedious pipetting steps
Catalogue number: 205113
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