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Cat no: FNOICE

Supplier: Bibby Scientific
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NoICE electronic ice bucket

The new N°ICE is ideal for incubating any number or size of samples at subambient temperatures for long periods of time. Instead of the normal situation in the laboratory with tubes floating in melting wet ice, the ceramic-coated beads maintain the temperature and support the sample vessels for as long as necessary. The beads are chemically resistant and if required can be autoclaved
at 134°C. As a time saving option, the bucket of beads can be incubated in the fridge overnight and simply inserted into the unit as and when required. The unit features our Isotemp® temperature control zone that ensures that all contents of the unit are kept at an even temperature, whether cold or warm.

• Ideal for maintaining reagents at 4°C for the whole working laboratory day
• Temperature range of 0 to 40°C
• Temperature displayed in °C or °F
• Autoclavable ceramic-coated beads

Catalogue number: FNOICE
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