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Ni-NTA Agarose (500 ml)

Cat no: 30250

Supplier: Qiagen
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Ni-NTA Agarose. For purification of His-tagged proteins by gravity-flow chromatography. Kit contents: Qiagen Ni-NTA Agarose, 500mL, 45 to 165m Bead, Up to 50mg/mL Binding Capacity, Cell Lysate Start Material, Nickel-charged Resin, 2.8psi max. Pressure, Manual/Automated Processing, Large Scale, Sepharose CL-6B Matrix, 100g to 100mg Yield, 6xHis tag, Affinity Chromatography Purification, High Binding Affinity and High Capacity, Precharged, Ready-to-use Matrices, For Purification of His-tagged Proteins by Gravity-flow Chromatography. Benefits: One-step purification from crude lysate to >95% pure protein. High binding affinity and high capacity . Choice of purification under native or denaturing conditions . Precharged, ready-to-use matrices for any scale of purification . Automated purification and assay protocols
Catalogue number: 30250
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