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NEW Genova Nano Spectrophotometer

Supplier: Bibby Scientific
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The NEW Genova Nano Spectrophotometer is due to be launched May 2012!

This highly anticipated spectrophotometer incorporates Jenway’s Microvolume accessory with the dedicated life science measurement modes of the Genova Plus along with those of a standard spectrophotometer. This makes the Genova Nano Jenway’s first 3 in 1 spectrophotometer.

The Genova Nano measures small sample volumes with a high degree of accuracy, reproducibility and speed. Its ability to measure small sample volumes, conserves precious samples, reduces the need for dilutions and eliminates the requirement for cuvettes.

Cleaning is quick and simple; wiping the read heads with a microfiber cloth removes all trace of the sample, allowing faster change over between samples and therefore increasing sample throughput.

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