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NEPHELOstar Plus

NEPHELOstar Plus

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The NEPHELOstar Plus is a unique microplate reader from BMG LABTECH that uses light-scattering techniques to detect insoluble particles in solution, such as drug compounds, antibodies, immunoprecipitates, or whole cells.

Using the properties of nephelometery, the NEPHELOstar Plus has an adjustable laser that creates light and a detection system that measures the amount of light that is scattered. Light-scattering is perfect for measuring drug compound precipitation or for monitoring cellular growth.

Having a 5 fold dynamic range, light-scattering provides an alternative to turbidity optical density (O.D.) measurements where absorbance is limited to a 3-4 fold dynamic range.

Additional features include an atmospheric control unit (ACU) to regulate CO2 and O2 for cell-based assays, incubation, multi-mode shaking, and reagent injectors.

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