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Multi-Excitation Confocal Raman Microscope

Supplier: BaySpec, Inc.
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The newly developed NomadicTM from BaySpec, Inc. is the only dispersive Raman microscope simultaneously equipped with three laser excitations from the visible to the NIR (532, 785, and 1064 nm, or custom).

This research-grade Raman microscope offers unmatched sensitivity and speed via highly efficient, proprietary volume phase grating (VPG®) technology, ultrafast electronics, and high sensitivity, deep cooled CCD and InGaAs detectors for a full spectral range of 400-1700nm.

Each NomadicTM system consists of the dedicated spectrometers for each laser excitation ensuring optimal spectral coverage and resolution with maximum sensitivity and versatility. Coupled to a research grade Olympus® microscope, the modular design of the NomadicTM allows measurements beyond conventional Raman imaging, such as micro-VIS/NIR, dark field Rayleigh scattering, photoluminescence imaging, and AFM-Raman. Along with multivariate image analysis software, Raman imaging has never been easier with fully automated laser switching, laser power attenuation, and confocal parameter adjustment.

The novel NomadicTM system is the ultimate tool for the most challenging Raman analyses in biomedical research, material characterization, and forensic science especially when 1064nm Raman can overcome fluorescence background.

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