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miScript II RT Kit (50)

Cat no: 218161

Supplier: Qiagen
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miScript II RT Kit. For reverse transcription of total RNA containing miRNA using the miScript PCR System. Kit contents: Qiagen miScript II RT Kit, 50 rxns, SYBR Green-based, Single-step cDNA Synthesis, Quantification of miRNA and mRNA, For Reverse Transcription of Total RNA Containing miRNA Using the miScript PCR System, Includes miScript Reverse Transcriptase Mix, 10x miScript Nucleics Mix, 5x miScript HiSpec Buffer, 5x miScript HiFlex Buffer, RNase-free Water. Benefits: cDNA for sensitive and specific miRNA detection. A single cDNA enables quantification of multiple miRNAs. Quantification of miRNA and mRNA from the same cDNA. Quantification of mature and precursor miRNA from the same cDNA. Proprietary synthetic RNA to assess reverse transcription efficiency
Catalogue number: 218161
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