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MinElute Gel Extraction Kit (250)

Cat no: 28606

Supplier: Qiagen
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MinElute Gel Extraction Kit. For gel extraction of up to 5 micro g DNA fragments (70 bp to 4 kb) in low elution volumes. Kit contents: Qiagen MinElute Gel Extraction Kit, 250 MinElute Spin Columns, 5g Binding Capacity, 10L Elution Volume, Tube Format, Gel Extraction Technology, 70 bp to 4 kb Fragment Size, Manual Processing, DNA Sample, Fast Procedure and Easy Handling, High, Reproducible Recoveries, For Gel Extraction of up to 5micro g DNA fragments in Low Elution Volumes, Includes 250 MinElute Spin Columns, Buffers, Collection Tubes (2mL). Benefits: Very small elution volumes. Fast procedure and easy handling. High, reproducible recoveries. Gel loading dye for convenient sample analysis
Catalogue number: 28606
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