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Laboratory Incubator Family for Automation Integration

Laboratory Incubator Family for Automation Integration

Supplier: INHECO GmbH
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INHECO offers a 4-model Incubator Family for automation integration, for MP or DWP disposables, with or without shaking.

Precise temperature and shaker control, automated drawer control, plate loading sensors and several self test routines guarantee excellent incubation performance.

The incubators can be used in FDA / IVD compliant environments and applications. Software and verification tools (e.g. the IMP INHECO Measurement Plate) are available to form a complete thermal solution for all kinds of incubation applications. Unique vibration reduced shaking principles permit free programmable shaking curves (linear, circle, elliptic, eight, and any programmed patterns); Stacking of mixed, independently controlled units in one daisy-chain connected tower offers maximum flexibility.

The towers or single positions can be placed either on the deck of the liquid handling workstation, or next to such platforms, for direct pipetting without unloading the plate from the incubator drawer, and for easy access with robotic grippers. The deepwell incubators heat the plates from all sides and from top and bottom, even the doors are heated, not only to guarantee an excellent temperature uniformity, but also to achieve maximum heating rates and to avoid condensation. The units are plug-and-play high performance thermoelectric devices with USB interface and CE / UL certifications;

The incubators have been integrated in all major liquid handling workstations.

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