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Kinetex HPLC/ UHPLC columns

Kinetex HPLC/ UHPLC columns

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Introducing Kinetex – ultra-high performance LC columns based on the company’s new core-shell silica technology.

Kinetex meets researchers’ need to improve results and increase productivity without large capital expenditures.

By delivering significant improvements in speed and separation efficiency over traditional 3- and 5-micron columns, Kinetex enables chromatographers to get performance comparable to sub-2-micron columns without investing in UHPLC systems.

With Kinetex, researchers can achieve UHPLC results on any LC instrument platform, and any chromatographic method can now be completed at a fraction of the time previously required, without sacrificing performance.

The increased separation efficiencies of Kinetex also significantly reduce solvent usage and maintain long column life.

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