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ipsogen BCR-ABL1 Mbcr IS-MMR Kit (24)

Cat no: 670713

Supplier: Qiagen
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ipsogen BCR-ABL1 Mbcr IS-MMR Kits. For the quantification of BCR-ABL1 Mbcr b3a2 & b2a2 fusion gene transcripts and results alignment on the international scale. Kit contents: For 24 reactions: High Positive RNA Control, IS-MMR Calibrator, Mbcr and ABL Single Plasmid Standards, Primers and Probe Mix ABL, Primers and Probe Mix BCR-ABL Mbcr Fusion Gene. Benefits: Results on the international scale (IS) and MMR reporting . One IS-MMR calibrator per run to prevent drifting. High reliability using EAC technology and single plasmid standards . Optimal quality control and ISO 13485 certification. Easy workflow with ready-to-use solutions
Catalogue number: 670713
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