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Incubator Shakers

Incubator Shakers

Supplier: Amerex Instruments, Inc.
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The SteadyShake™ 757 (18"W x 19"D) and slightly larger 757L (20.5"W x 25.5"D) are economical and compact benchtop incubator shakers.

The 757 can accommodate three 2-liter and the 757L five Erlenmeyer flasks. A microprocessor temperature controller maintains precise temperature control from 3°C above ambient to 70°C. A quiet fan ensures air and temperature uniformity throughout the chamber.

A triple-eccentric drive with counter-balancing weights provides smooth and quiet shaking, and eliminates the inconvenience of making balancing adjustments as the load increases.

Both models also feature digital readout, timer and an independent over-temperature thermostat.

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