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Hybridiser Hybridisation Incubator

Cat no: FHB1DE

Supplier: Bibby Scientific
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Hybridiser Hybridisation Incubator


• Temperature range from 10°C above ambient to 80°C
• Can hold up to 16 mini or 4 large glass tubes
• Flexibility at an affordable price, offering excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity
• The Hybrigene is a compact, stackable alternative to the Hybridiser HB-1D - for when space is important
• Stack up to 3 ovens, saving on valuable laboratory space


• The famous Hybridiser HB-1D is compact, easy to use and provides complete protection from hybridisation hazards
• A temperature range of 10°C above ambient to 100°C
• High capacity which can hold up to 24 mini tubes or 6 unique large tubes
• Hybridisations can be performed with a minimal volume of 5ml of probe
• Adjustable feet to enable accurate leveling
• Unique double-glazed glass door; quiet and safe, providing durable protection

Catalogue number: FHB1DE
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